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Fletcher Gallery Services Limited Electronic Data Security Policy and Practice inc. Compliance with E.U. Regulation G.D.P.R. 2016/679

What personal data does FGS Ltd. hold and why ?

We store, in electronic form, personal and business data relating only to our customers and suppliers.

We store the following data for personal customers:- Name, Address (if given), Telephone Number(s) and Email Address(es).

We store the following data for business customers:- Company Name, Contact, Address, Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses, plus published Company data, i.e. VAT & Company Registration No.

We do not access or attempt to gather personal or business data from any source other than the customer.

We do not store customers' Bank, Credit or Debit Card details, in electronic form or otherwise.

We store the above data for Core Business purposes only. i.e. Contacting customers regarding. - current transactions and recording financial transactions in accordance with mandatory - accounting requirements. (Audit & HMRC)

What we never do with personal data.

We never process bulk data 'with Reference to the Data Subject'. i.e. We do not perform any automated processing of our database which makes any use of any of the personal information contained in it.

We do process data to confirm data structure integrity and for the purpose of in-house data backup.

Data Privacy Policy and Practice.

We do not and will not:- Sell, Share, Rent, Give Away or Permit Access to personal data to or by any third party for any purpose whatsoever. We do not provide online access to our data, all new orders and further transactions are conducted on a personal level by our in-house staff. We do not out-source any data services.

Data Security

Our first approach to Data Security is by Pseudonymization.

All personal data is securely encrypted before filing and is only ever decrypted for temporary display on our PC monitors or to produce Estimates, Invoices and Delivery Notes. Therefore, at no time is any of our data, including backups, readable or useable by anyone without access to our Logon and Password protected bespoke software. Our own staff can only access data on a record-by-record basis, never in bulk. Keystroke and Screen Capture protection is achieved by commercial up-to-date anti-malware software. As would be expected of any I.T. security-conscious professionals, we never divulge or discuss any detail(s) of our ISP, IP addresses, filing, storage or encryption other than to say that we do not use Cloud storage. We are confident that, should our entire database be compromised, not one single piece of meaningful personal information could be extracted from it.

GDPR 2016/679

In compliance with EU GDPR, all new and returning customers will be asked to sign or return by email our GDPR consent form. Our software has been modified to nag until consent has been received, dated and stored in hard copy. All other requirements of the new Regulation, i.e. Rights to view, modify or delete data are now in place. All aspects of the new Regulation will be under constant review and as FGS is a small company, we can and will adapt our software and revise our staff training to keep ahead of the practical implications of this EU law.

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Contacting us

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